Isabelle Farm is a family-run, Certified Organic farm that grows more than 80 varieties of produce on 110 acres in Boulder County.

We sell our produce at our on-farm Farm Stand, through our CSA Farm Share Program, and to local restaurants, food preservers, and select grocery stores.


Winter may be here, but we’re still open Thursday through Sunday and selling organic storage and hothouse vegetables, as well as a carefully curated selection of local all-natural meats, cheeses, milk and prepared and preserved foods year-round. We are also proud to carry locally made all-natural soaps, cutting boards made from local reclaimed wood, beeswax candles, prints, paintings and cards, and more, so be sure to stop by when doing your holiday shopping!

We also a number of Special Events throughout the year, including open houses, farm dinners with a handful of our partner restaurants, gatherings at our farm stand, volunteer field days, as well as fundraisers for local nonprofits.

Please be sure to check out the list of restaurants that buy our produce: Their chefs are exceptional folks with a passion for cooking with food raised by local farms.


Simply put, it’s good for the environment (the less your food travels, the less the impact on the environment), it’s good for the economy (keeps the money closer to home), and it’s good for you (the fresher the produce, the higher its nutritional value).


If you’re a stat hound, consider this: As of the 2002 USDA census, 9% of all farms were corporate run, but only a small number of that percentage were making 28% of ag-related sales.

Even now, more than 60% of our vegetables are imported from foreign countries. Beyond the obvious reasons for this being unfavorable, there’s the issue of regulation: Chemicals that are banned here are allowed abroad. And what qualifies as “certified organic” in some countries wouldn’t pass basic inspections here. For more information about the state of farming in the United States, go to the USDA’s website.


Our on-farm Farm Stand is open year round, so you can always come see us there. We also sell our produce through our award-winning CSA Farm Share Program, to area restaurants and select grocery stores that support local, organic agriculture. Our on-farm farm stand, located at Thomas Open Space in Lafayette, Colorado, is a beautiful place to come learn about how we grow the produce we sell and to meet our staff. We also strive to carry a high-quality selection of locally raised, pastured all-natural meats, dairy products and small-batch, handcrafted foods and upcycled crafts and gifts, as well as some antiques and art. See the About Our Farm Stand page for detailed information about product availability, location and hours. If you would like to be on our mailing list to receive farm updates and news about special events, send your name and contact information to info@isabellefarm.com.

Contact information for the farm staff is on the About Us page.

Isabelle Farm
Farm Stand Address: 1640 West Baseline Road
Mailing Address: 10029 Isabelle Road
Lafayette, CO  80026