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Isabelle Farm is owned and operated by Jason and Natalie Condon. We both come from farming backgrounds and always dreamed of owning our own piece of land where we could grow produce and raise animals sustainably. Our dream became reality in 2004, and we have been growing produce organically on our land in East Boulder County since 2005. We’re located between Louisville and Longmont, about 5 miles from each, and 8 miles east of the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

Jason’s family has been farming in Boulder County since 1859. He grew up on the family farm, and during and after high school, he worked on a large conventional hay/wheat/corn and cattle farm in Boulder County for six years. After high school, Jason was a full-time, year-round farm employee who dealt with all aspects of the farm (planting, cultivating, irrigating, cutting, baling).

From the time Natalie was 5 years old, she spent summers in Switzerland, working with her cousins on their dairy farm. While Natalie and her sister played as much as they worked, those summers on the farm are Natalie’s fondest childhood memories, and she still goes back to visit family as often as possible.

Why organic and sustainable? If you grow-be it flowers or produce or just a patch of grass in your front lawn-then you know that growing without herbicides or pesticides makes for a lot more hand labor. So why do we put the extra work into growing sustainably? Obviously, we don’t want to live around, work around or eat chemicals, so we don’t put them on the food we grow. But in addition, we love the land we live on and view it as our opportunity to leave a little corner of the world as healthy and biodiverse as possible.  

When it comes to staffing, it seems the universe is looking out for us. Every time one of our long-term employees departs to start his/her own farm or manage another operation, another incredible person finds her/his way to our fields. Such is the case this season: We’ll be a mix of old and new, and feel incredibly lucky to have team members whose commitment, knowledge and work ethic make Isabelle Farm what it is: Bob Condon (Jason’s dad, Farm Mentor and Equipment Manager) brings a lifetime of farming and mechanical know-how to our team; and Crew Leader Oscar Arellano keeps his team is motivated, on task and having fun.

Lucy&MorganGiftingThe year-round Farm Store team makes the Farm Store the special place it is and also executes lots of behind-the-scenes magic: Lucy Walker and Jamie Senter are organizers extraordinaire and, during the growing season, are the backbone of our post-harvest and distribution team; Morgan Gray brings years of retail experience, and her merchandising wizardry is what keeps the store always looking so welcoming and fresh; Nancy Hodges has an eye for detail that keeps us impeccably appointed. And Roxanne Malcolm, well, what can we say? She’s been our Farm Store lead for a couple of years now because she’s so darn capable on so many fronts. Thanks to this committed team, every time someone comes in–whether for the first time or the hundredth–they have an excellent experience.

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